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Project Overview & Product Presentation 

[ iBook and ePub versions for digital devices]


This Kangen® Demo Flip Book is a time tested successful sales tool that has helped many distributors close a sale. No mess. No fuss. Fits in your pocket or hand bag. On a plane, in a restaurant or coffee shop, you can just hand it to a stranger sitting next to you and have them flip through it. The story
of Enagic and the entire Kangen Water® demo will flip before their eyes inviting and enticing them. 


You can search the entire internet and not find an equal to this superbly designed demo book. Created by a lead designer from Disney, this book was specifically conceptualized to help Enagic distributors successfully sell products. Every page is eye candy, sumptuous, elegantly laid out, soothing and pleasant to look at. You will notice the look of fascination and awe on the faces
of your prospects as they flip through this book anywhere, anytime without having to pull out your messy water samples and pH test drops. Convenient for quick demos while on the road or when out running errands and you happen to bump into someone by chance and strike up a conversation. 


Check out our cool stylish high quality T-shirts. The designs are sumptuous eye candy that will attract potential prospects. Excellent method for effortless soft sales
and a great promotional tool to go with your Kangen Demo flip book.

People will ask you what your T-shirt means and you can instantly break into your alkaline water song and dance number by pulling out your smart phone or pad.
Happy sales!


Project Overview & Product Presentation 

[ Hard copy / physical flip book ]

Call Enagic to buy the hard copy of the Kangen Water Demo flip book. 1-866-261-9500

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